Atlanta Photographer Missing in Action

OK – I know I’m not the best at writing up a storm, let alone keeping an ongoing journal of my work like most photographers do these days. So Atlanta Wedding Photojournalism has had a bit of a hiatus over the middle of 2012. My son Michael and now daughter in law Kelly were married (above) which yours truly shot the wedding. I’ve been preoccupied with trying  to combat the challenges of a very slow news cycle in my photojournalism for the media here in Atlanta. I’m still rolling a lot of video in between my stills for newsprint and television and speaking with a lot of subjects for audio reports for radio. So I haven’t been very good at keeping my clients up to date with my weddings. As a wedding photographer, I have been working with other photographers and their respective companies forging new partnerships. This has been very enriching for me personally as I hope it has been for my friends and their respective businesses. It is my goal to post more photography to the blog in the coming weeks and months and give you a sense of what I’m up to. For those of you familiar with my media work, there are those places online where my work appears easily found on Google. And to keep up with my daily work in the media – please follow me on Twitter. It actually gives you some news you can use!

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