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John Spink

John Spink Wedding Photojournalism in Metro Atlanta has served brides and grooms in the state of Georgia since 1998. John's photography is different from many Atlanta wedding photographers as he infuses his trademark, award winning press photojournalism into his Atlanta wedding photography. John is a working press photojournalist in the Atlanta metro area. As a photographer, The two pillars of his Atlanta wedding photojournalism are capturing the action as it happens and his spontaneous creativity on location. John is not just a wedding photographer but a true wedding photojournalist who likes to follow the events of a wedding day as a visual story. John Spink Wedding Photojournalism exclusively covers Judeau and Christian marriage ceremonies capturing the essence of the sacred and joy of the wedding celebration. Catholic Wedding Photography is a specialty. Our Atlanta wedding photojournalist team has a clear knowledge and understanding of the liturgy coupled with the familiarity of many Atlanta Catholic churches in the Atlanta Catholic Archdiocese.

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An interesting common thread found in client testimonials is the praise of John's personality and ease to work with as a photographer. John’s approach as a wedding photojournalist is to capture real moments in real time and leave the stereotypes posed and gimmicky wedding photography behind to an era that belongs to the past. True wedding photojournalism is an art form and vigilance in anticipation. It is looking for the unusual and the new. A fresh look and approach rather than what many wedding photographers simply exercise as a routine template. An Atlanta wedding photographer has to stand out in his or her work and how they relate to their clients. Wedding photography in Atlanta is competitive and sophisticated. Visual creativity in photography is an art-form. True wedding photojournalism manifests this. This is what should be evident in the Atlanta wedding photojournalist you choose to work with.

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To read more about John Spink please click on the bio link and the LinkedIn icon above and be sure to visit our Facebook page. Please follow us on Twitter and keep up with John's daily photojournalism assignments.



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